The Impact of Covid-19

The lock-down has been an incredibly difficult time for our whole community. Now that Swimming Pools are allowed to re-open we want to make a visit to Meg Pool something which is a positive and relaxing experience for everyone,   whilst following all the relevant guidance to make sure that all visitors to the site stay safe. 

In order to help us to achieve this, we ask that you observe the following key things:

Only come to the pool for a pre-booked session and

If you are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus please
DO NOT ENTER our premises and follow the Government Stay at Home Guidance.

Visitors to the Pool,  and Volunteers are not required to wear face coverings as it is an open site.

 Phased Re-opening


During the Covid-19 lockdown , the Meg Pool Committee (who are all volunteers) have been meeting regularly to see if there was any possibility that the pool could re-open in the 2020 season even in a limited capacity.

Re-opening could never even be close to  "business as usual" because Meg Pool is smaller than many of the other Swimming Pools in the area. 


We have to  comply with the  guidance on the re-opening of Community Pools from Swim England, whilst enabling people to adhere to the Government guidance on social distancing. The latest information states:

2.2 How many people am I allowed to meet with outdoors?

You can meet in groups of up to six people who you do not live with or who are not in your support bubble. You should only meet in groups of more than six people if everyone is a member of the same household or support bubble.

You can also meet people in groups of more than six people if everyone is exclusively from two households (anyone in the same support bubble counts as one household).



 This means that we cannot run our usual Open Swim sessions, and all sessions have to be pre-bookable so that we know exactly how many people are on the pool site, including spectators as well as swimmers.  

We are therefore implementing a phased re-opening from 22nd July 2020, offering extra Adult Swim sessions for over 16s and Bookable 45 minute slots where people from different households can get together to book a swimming session with a lifeguard. Booking is via the Opening Times page. These bookable slots can only be opened up if there is a volunteer and a lifeguard available to run them.


Our website is developed and maintained by a volunteer who has been working  to adapt the existing party booking system so that sessions can be booked online. 
The system will go live at the start of the Lincolnshire school summer holidays on 22nd July 2020.

Some Pool facilities are not available: the Slide and the pool's Inflatables cannot be used , however swimmers can bring their own equipment. We are also unable to run the Swimming Lessons, Zumba Fitness, "Inflatables" sessions or Parties at the moment.  The BBQ is not available however groups can bring their own food as long as they take all rubbish away with them.


The Meg Pool committee will  continue to review the guidance from Swim England and the  Government. If the rules on social distancing change we will look again at how people can access the pool.

What have we done to make visitors to the Meg Pool site safe?


  • Only people who have pre-booked (including adult swimmers) are allowed on the site.

  • Before booking, swimmers and spectators must download & read the Covid-19 Guide for Users which can be found here

  • The site has been adapted with a waiting area outside and a one-way system to get in and out of the pool area. There are additional signs around the site to inform swimmers (and spectators) of what to do.

  •  We have reviewed the duties carried out by our Tuck-shop Volunteers and they have been given training.

  • Lifeguards have been made aware of the latest guidance from Swim England and RLSS UK and appropriate PPE has been provided for them.

  • Following the guidance from Swim England, Swimmers should arrive "beach ready" and must vacate the pool when directed to allow 15 minutes to sanitise the site before the next session starts.


  • The changing rooms and toilets are available* however there is ample space to change on the poolside in designated areas. 

  • Hand sanitiser is available at key points on the site and we are using a steam cleaner in the toilet and changing room areas between each session. 

  • The baby changing tables have been moved to outdoor locations.  

  • The Tuckshop is not open to the public however a limited menu is available* in the pre-booked group sessions (including pre-packaged snacks, cold drinks and some hots drinks) which will be accessed using a "takeaway" style system.

*not open/available during the Adult Swim sessions

Heating the Pool

At the moment we are not able to heat the Pool.  On a warm day the temperature at the Pool varies between 19 degrees and 22 degrees.  This is equivalent to swimming in open water or the sea.


Meg Pool does not make a profit and during the season it costs around £1000 a week to run. £300 of that cost is for the heating.

Before we start to use it the boiler has to be serviced at a cost of £350 plus the cost of any  remedial work which it requires. 

The heating cannot be turned on & off for each session - that would cost even more - once it is on we have to run it for the whole season. 


We have not received any income from our usual sources as we have not been able to run Swimming Lessons, & Zumba Fitness or make the Pool available to the Primary School. Our normal fundraising activities  such as the Comedy nights and our wonderful postman Pete's door-to-door collections have also not happened. 

Due to the unique nature of the pool, we have been told that we are not eligible for any of the Covid-19 grant aid which we have applied for. The Parish Co
uncil have already awarded us a grant for building work in September which is tied into a grant application and they cannot give us any more money.  Currently we are around £6000 down on our usual income. 

We continue to apply for funding and if we are successful we will be able to turn the heating on!

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