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About Us

Metheringham Swimming Pool has an NOP & EAP.

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Metheringham swimming pool has been open since 1975. The pool was originally dug out with spades back in the day, by the villagers, who wanted the school children to have the opportunity to learn to swim. The pool is now entirely run and operated by volunteers from the community who organise  fundraising all year round. We have paid,  trained lifeguards and Metheringham Pool is regarded as the gem of the village.

Whether you want to come with your family & swim, improve your fitness in the Zumba & Adult Swim sessions or introduce your child to swimming,   come and join us at the pool every season and make a splash!  We also cater for swimmers with special requirements such as wheelchair users. We have a seat to help them in and out of the water and access to a disabled changing room.

Our Swimming Pool

15 m
8 m
1.8 m
1.25 m
0.9 m

The depth at the shallow end is 0.9 metres. You come off the slide into 1.25 meters and it is 1.8 metres at the deep end.

The total Pool size is  15 metres by 8 metres.

The Metheringham Primary School still use the swimming pool for lessons in June & July.

We are always looking for volunteers to join us, especially in the Tuck Shop. We offer a free drink for every shift you do in the tuck shop & a free swim every two shifts  (If you are on duty we ask you to  pay for any snacks, sweets or ice creams as they are the main part of the profit we make).

For general enquiries about volunteering  please use the contact form  you would like to add your name to the rota for the tuck shop.

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We sell tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks. We also sell snacks, ice-creams & lollies, sweets & cakes.

Come and relax while the children swim, or join them and have a picnic afterwards. There is a play park on the other side of the car park and a big field with a skate park nearby .

Ros Treadwell
run the London Marathon

Ros ran the London Marathon in 2017 to help fund-raise for Metheringham Swimming Pool & M.A.W.'s. Ros' parents were one of many couples who dug the pool and ran it back in the day.


In the winter, when we are closed, we change or update areas around the pool to make it better for the people who use it. The pictures how some of the recent work we have done with the help of our dedicated volunteers. 

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