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  • Location & Site Entrance
    The Pool entrance is located at the back-left corner of the Prince's Street Car Park.
    Directions can be found on our Contact Us page.

  • Changing Rooms
    We currently DO NOT have shower facilities.

  • Toilets
    Located at the entrance to each changing room.

  • Tuck Shop
    We sell pick-n-mix sweets, snacks, ice-creams, hot & cold drinks. Also swim nappies (subject to availability).

  • Pool Accessibility
    We have a pool-side hoist. Please contact us in advance if you wish to make use of it.

  • Slide (Not always available - lifeguard's decision)

  • Other Facilities
    We have some floats, woggles, arm-bands, rubber-rings which can be borrowed (Subject to availability).


Megpool now uses a FULL registration and sign-in system for ALL users and MOST activities.

Some activities (Zumba, Fortis Fitness, Swimsanity etc.) are operated by external 3rd parties and will continue to be administered by them.

General Instructions:

  • Register (Email and Password) - one time only.

  • Validate your email - one time only.
    You will receive an email from us (Check your SPAM).
    Click the link.

  • Sign-in AGAIN using this button   [SIGN-IN]    at the top of the page.

  • Enter your details (Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Phone Number) - one time only.

  • Activate any activities you want to book by clicking the     [START]     button - required once for each activity type.

  • The timetable will only show activities you are eligible for by age.

  • Agree to any disclaimers or Terms & Conditions which may appear - one time only.

  • Book any time slots you want.

  • Booked items will appear in your 'shopping basket' - click the 'basket' [BASKET] icon to proceed to payment.
    - The number represents the number of items in your basket.

  • We accept PayPal or Card as payment.

  • Items can be removed from your basket using the [X] button.

  • Payment options will only appear when you have something to pay for in your basket.

  • We no longer use cookies for anything - which should make the system more reliable and accessible. 

  • Most importantly! Make sure you enjoy your time at Megpool.

Adults only

Adults Only Swims


  • Now uses a pre-payment credit system for payments. No 'cash-or-token-in-the-tub' any more.

  • You may 'opt-in' or 'opt-out' of as many sessions as your credits allow.

  • Maximum 10 swimmers per session.

  • Unused credits* for expired sessions are automatically re-credited to your account when you log in.
    *These are credits which you commit, but do not result in an Adult Swim session having sufficient swimmers to open.


  • All swimmers MUST be 16 or older to qualify.

  • A minimum of 3 swimmers is required for a swim session to open.

  • Please DO NOT SWIM if numbers drop below this minimum.


  • First purchase credits using the [ BUY ] or [   08] buttons visible on any Adult Swim time slot.

  • Your total credits will show in the [  08] box.

  • Once you have credits. Use the [+] and  [-] buttons to opt-in or opt-out of your desired sessions.

  • Your credit total will be adjusted accordingly.

  • You will receive an email confirmation for each change. 

  • The number between the buttons [buton] denotes the number of times YOU have signed-up for THIS time slot.

  • The box to the left [TOTL] shows the total number of people signed-up for this session (including you).

  • Sessions will show as:
    [    CLOSED          ] when insufficient swimmers are signed-up.

  •   OPEN   [ OPEN                  ] when enough swimmers are signed-up.

  • The Padlock gate code can be found on your LATEST opt-in confirmation email.

  • If you are the last person on-site - please LOCK THE GATE when you leave.

Private Bookings

Private Bookings:


  • Private bookings are on a first-pay-first-served basis.

  • We no longer operate a queueing system.

  • We no longer use deposits to secure bookings. Simply pay for the session in full when you book.

  • The first person to PAY for a session - secures it. Items sitting in your basket do not count as paid for.

  • £30 of the hourly booking price is used as a non-refundable deposit and is forfeit in the event of a cancellation.

  • You must be 18 or over to book. The system will not offer Private Bookings to under 18s.

  • Maximum 30 swimmers in the pool, but unlimited numbers on-site (within reason).



We offer 2 Packages.

  1. Up to 15 Swimmers - £60 per hour

  2. Up to 30 Swimmers - £75 per hour

Open Swims:


  • Online booking (cut-off period 1 hour before).

  • Walk-ins (just turn up, subject to availability).

  • Maximum 35 swimmers.

  • Unlimited non-swimmers on site (within reason).

  • Minimum age 13 to book online (with adult payment).

  • Under 13s must be accompanied by an adult.


  • Adults - £6 per hour

  • Children - £4 per hour

  • Site entry for non-swimmers - FREE

Open Swim

Session Status Key:

The system is designed to tell you as much as it can about the current status and availability of every session on the calendar. To achieve this, 'status buttons' with specific meanings appear after each activity on each time slot.

The status buttons are as follows:


Activate this activity by clicking start - first time only. You won't be able to book until you do.


This session has not been staffed yet and is therefore not available to book.


The window for booking this session has ended or expired. This may include lead-time.


This session is available to book.


This session has been booked by someone else.


YOU have successfully booked this session. (Private Booking)


You have 4 swimmers booked in to this session. You may book more by re-clicking if required.


You have 5 swimmers booked in to this session. The session is now FULL.


The session is now FULLY BOOKED. You are NOT booked into this time slot.


Sorry, this session is cancelled and not available.

Session Totals:

The boxes on the left appear on the timetable next to every activity EXCEPT Private Bookings.

They show the total number of swimmers/dogs/martians signed-up for that session.

Full sessions appear pink.

Session Key Status
Session Totals
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